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Personal Development Groups/Training Workshops/One to one sessions

For reason of confidentiality only names of organisations’ workers will be displayed

“Really enjoyed the training.  Never before have I gone home from training and immediately read the course material with enthusiasm” (2015)

“Gained more confidence” (2015)

“very concise and informative” (2015)

“I feel capable and excited” (2015)

“loved it – thank you” (2015)

“It was all very helpful – particularly re-enactment of various situations – a great learning and great fun” (2015)

“Thank you, excellent workshop” (2015)

“Thoroughly enjoyed the workshop – thank you” (2015)

“I really enjoyed learning through the action scenarios, great fun too” (2015)

“The trainers were very helpful and positive and it was interesting to listen to them” (2015)

“Great session” (2015)

“Practical exercises were superb” (2015)

“This workshop greatly improved my understanding of the concepts of assertiveness” (2015)

“The process of working together to create a training manual was really enjoyable and surpassed my expectations.  You worked well with not only our staff team but all the volunteers involved. A pleasure” Thank you. (2015)

“These training workshops were created and developed to suit our Peer Support Volunteers – invaluable training and exactly what we asked for” (2015)

“I was happy with the professsional way that you conducted your classes and the approach that you take with our members.  Comments from the members of the group were “very good”, “would like to try again” – It was a very good evaluation and one of our highest.  We would definitely be interested in running another group”.

Fiona Rough, Headway East Lothian March 2010

“It was really good, and would like to do more psychodrama” – Client January 2010

“I learned a lot about myself through action” - Client January 2010

“Wow, really powerful stuff – I know more about myself “- Client December 2009

“Using all the different coloured scarves in our group to create a river was great fun and I learned a lot about myself” – Client November 2009

“I feel lighter after that session” – Client February 2012

“I am clearer and can accept myself for who I am”  - Client June 2012

“That was amazing” – Client August 2012

“I dont want to stop coming – I feel so much better” – Client February 2013

“I just want to learn more’ – Client April 2013


Very enjoyable – held my attention the whole time – Support Worker, Perth, Adult Support and Protection Act (2007) Training - 19/2/09

Delivery of training was excellent in a subject which could have been difficult to digest – Area Manager, Aberdeen, Adult Support and Protection Act (2007) Training  - 5/3/09

Learnt whilst having fun – Line Manager, Aberdeen, Adult Support and Protection Act (2007) Training – 5/2/09

This training was facilitated very different from the norm.  First time I actually enjoyed training – Senior Support Worker, Glasgow, Adult Support and Protection Act (2007) Training 7/4/09

An innovative and creative type of training; excellent” – SAMH

“A 97% success rate” – Scottish Government/SAMH Report April 2009 (report available on request)

“That was great and really fun” – Edinburgh University 2013

“That is really powerful – I enjoyed it very much”  - Edinburgh University 2013

“I hope this group goes on and on” – Edinburgh Project 2013